Teachers Training & Workshop

School Transfer Certificate

SNDateTopicConducted ByConducted For
106-11-2017Orientation Programme of TeachersMrs. Archana GhopadeAll Teachers
206-12-2017Teachers Makes DifferenceMr. L.K. JainAll Teachers
306-12-2017Workshop with Mr. Sanjayji MalpaniMr. Sanjay MalpaniAll Teachers
413-06-2017Communication despite of differencesMr. Gajendra MedhiAll Teachers
514-06-2017workshop with Counselor Mr. Gireesh DagaMr. Gireesh DagaAll Teachers
622-07-2017ICT skill EnhancementMr. Nilesh DinkarPre Primary Teachers
727-07-2017English WorkshopEnglish DepartmentAll Teachers
828-07-2017English WorkshopEnglish DepartmentAll Teachers
916-09-2017 & 17-09-2017Classroom managementCBSE COE33 teachers
1015-11-2017Workshop by _ Jain Sadhika Pragbha ViraatJain Sadhika Pragbha ViraatAll Teachers
1107-06-2018Orientation Workshop By Dr. Sanjay MalpaniDr. Sanjay MalpaniAll Teachers
1208-06-2018Chak De- Team Leadership & Personal Efectiveness WorkshopCol. Sudhir SinhaAll Teachers
1312-06-20185DFT - WORKSHOPMr. Gajendra MedhiAll Teachers
1429-09-2018CBSE workshop - Gender SensitivityMrs. Madhulika Bhupatkar & Ms. Maya MenonAll Teachers
1509-10-2018Stress ManagementDr. Sanjay MalpaniAll Teachers
1611-10-2018Pranayam SessionDr. Lalitbihari JoshiAll Teachers
1707-06-2019Unleashing Breakthrough Thinking and EngagementDr. Rahul More (Founder and CEO- The Leaders Ocean)All Teachers
1807-06-2019Orientation Programme of TeachersMrs. Archana GhorpadeAll Teachers
1907-06-2019KYAN Teaching Technique WorkshopKYAN Technical TeamAll Teachers
2007-06-2019ORIENTATION WORKSHOPDr.Sanjay MalpaniAll Teachers
2115-06-2019ORIENTATION CLASS 9 & 10Mrs. Archana Ghorpade & Sub. TeachersClass 9 & 10 Parents
2320-10-2019Sports Lifestyle ManagementDr. Amol KhandveSports Teachers
2422-11-2019 & 23-11-2019Secondary Level social Science (samta international school)CBSE COE5 SST Teachers
2519-05-2020Post Pandamic School SolutionDr. Priyadarshan NaikPrincipal
2623-05-2020Experential Learning & Artificial IntelligenceCED FoundationPrincipal
2723-06-2020CBSE School LeadersDr. Sharna Wiblen ( Lecturer Sydney Business School)Principal
2803-07-2020Other Topics - MindfulnessCBSE COERegistered Teachers
2903-07-2020SOCIAL SCIENCE (IX-X) 16.1 Teaching Strategies/Methodologies in Social ScienceCBSE COERegistered Teachers
3004-07-2020Competency Based LearningDr. Anurag Tripathi (Secretary - CBSE)Principal
3106-07-2020OTHER TOPICS 36.1 Digital learning and ManagementCBSE COERegistered Teachers
3208-07-2020LEADING TRANSFORMATION (FOR PRINCIPALS ONLY) - Is your School a Learning Organisation?Dr. Anurag Tripathi (Secretary - CBSE)Principal & Teachers
3308-07-2020MATHEMATICS 9.9 Common errors committed in MathematicsCBSE COERegistered Teachers
3408-07-2020CBSE Initiative Posr PandamicCED FoundationRegistered Teachers
3510-07-2020ENGLISH (XI-XII) 15.4 Teaching Strategies/Methodologi es in English (writing)CBSE COERegistered Teachers
SNDateTopicConducted ByConducted For
3610-07-2020Experiential Learning Kolb's Experiential Cycle and it's application.CBSE COERegistered Teachers
3710-07-2020HAPPY CLASSROOM - Exploring HappinessCBSE COERegistered Teachers
3813-07-2020English ( IX -X) 14.7 Literature in Classroom EnglishCBSE COERegistered Teachers
3913-07-2020Life skills 31.13(Synthesis of life skills education with present day school education.CBSE COERegistered Teachers
4013-07-2020MATHEMATICS - Enhancing Practical Skills and Projects in MathematicsCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4114-07-2020SOCIAL SCIENCE (IX-X) 16.6 Intgegration of arts in Social ScienceCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4215-07-2020ETHICS AND INTEGRITY 28.2 Ethics-Kohlberg's Stages of moral DevelopmentCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4316-07-2020ENGLISH (IX-X) 14.4 Teaching Strategies/Methodologies in English (writing)CBSE COERegistered Teachers
4416-07-2020English teaching Strategies and Methodologies in EnglishCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4516-07-2020Science (IX - X) Teaching Strategies/ Methodologies in ScienceCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4616-07-2020Science IX-X strategies/Methodology in scienceCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4717-07-2020Science (Ix and X) integration in teaching scienceCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4806-08-2020CONTINUOUS Professional Development for EducatorsCBSE COERegistered Teachers
4907-08-2020Examination Reforms in New NormalCED FoundationRegistered Teachers
5008-08-2020New Education PolicyCED FoundationRegistered Teachers
5111-08-2020 & 12- 08-2020New Education PolicyPrincipal Ma'amAll Teachers
5225-07-2020 to 08-08-2020MI In the ClassroomMr. Vijay Sonawane - Arrham Intelligence InstituteSELECTED TEACHERS
5307-09-2020 & 08-09-2020Career GuidanceMr. Vijay Sonawane - Arrham Intelligence InstituteTeachers of Class IX- XII
5409-09-2020Top Resourses for TeachersRebecca RiosPrincipal
5520-09-2020The Social BrainProf. Curtis Kelly at Kansai University Japan49 Terachers