Admissions to the School are open to children of:

  • Residents of India including foreign nationals with a valid resident visa
  • Non-resident Indians
  • Foreign nationals subject to their obtaining a student visa

The process of building a relationship between the School and the students and their parents is as simple as can be. A visit to our campus at Sangamner, having detailed discussions with the appropriate officials and a brief interview with a Senior faculty or the Principal as the case may be, represent the key steps.As a CBSE School, admissions are open all round the year. Admissions to class X and XII are not entertained except in exceptional circumstances.

We welcome you to a life long association with the Dhruv family.

Visiting Time: Monday to Saturday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (Always confirm visit on phone)

The school Pledge

As a student of the Dhruv Global School , I affirm

  • that the purpose of  Dhruv Global School education is to develop, to the fullest, the intellectual, moral, cultural, aesthetic, and physical faculties of every student and to cultivate in each the desire for personal excellence and involvement in the larger good.
  • that, towards this end, I shall strive to maintain a living environment within the school which fosters the growth of my faculties as well as the faculties of others
  • that I shall, at all times, in my behaviour, speech, personal appearance, and relationships, uphold the highest standards
  • that I shall conduct myself with honesty, dignity, and grace
  • that, in all my dealings with others, I shall be guided by considerations of courtesy, respect, sympathy, and care
  • that I shall, in all conviction, accept responsibility for my conduct and opportunities for school leadership
  • that I shall constantly be mindful of the beauty and sanctity of the estate and the importance of the reputation of school for students, past, present, and future.
  • In affirming these values, I understand that I am in conformity with the best thinking and traditions of my school and of my society.