Personal Counseling

Staff members are always available to offer abundant support and non judged advice in both academic and emotional areas. A system of careful mentoring and studied guidance ensures that our students make choices that are right by them. A class admin time is provided every day in the morning to hand pick children who need academic or emotional counseling. With the help of these counseling sessions, certain learning disabilities are also diagnosed and class teachers then discuss such issues with other educators to help develop suitable learning strategies. Soft skill, value education, sex education and emotional intelligence trainings are also well integrated with the curriculum to help students cope up with the challenging situations in their life.

School Council

The School Council is run by the Head Boy and Head Girl, supported by elected/nominated members from across the secondary school.  They cover a wide range of issues and also organize special events for students. Concerns regarding matters close to the hearts of our secondary pupils are passed on to the Secondary Leadership Team for a response and appropriate action. School Council System is very much   a part of our leadership building program.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is extremely vital at the senior level, as this is the time when the youngsters need to start thinking about their future careers, which needs a lot of focus and mature thinking. Unfortunately this is also the time when they are going through lots of confusions and emotional upheavals. Each one is trying to find his/her identity while at the same time trying not to be the odd one out .Our educators try to understand what motivates each student as well as his or her skills and desires in order to help them plan for their future career accordingly.

Career guidance starts in class 9th. At this stage students are encouraged to learn about and get information of various job profiles, which helps them to develop an awareness of the corporate world. The next stage of counseling comes off age  in class 10th, when the students gets to know about his/her aptitude and become aware of his/her interests and skills. Reputed career counselors are invited to the campus to speak and find the hidden talents and dreams of senior level girls and boys. These kinds of interactions are appreciated both by the students as well as the parents. The students are also made aware of the need to perform well in the CBSE exams, as these marks/grades play a major role in admissions at the university level. The 10th and 12th are the most crucial years as far as higher studies are concerned. This is the time when students prepare and appear for external tests like the CET, All India Medical and Engineering Entrance, etc. to enable them to get admissions in reputed colleges and universities in the country. They are made aware of the type of grades they require to enter the course and colleges of their choice, by being exposed to people of a large number of colleges and universities.

For Dhruv faculty there is no good or weak student; each one is unique and there is a niche for everyone in this big world.

Leadership Building

We at Dhruv believe that leadership development programs are another way to prepare students for future roles that may require leadership skills. Leadership building is part and parcel of our day to day activities. Are you a leader? A thinker?  A dreamer? An organizer?  Do you sometimes wonder what you could do if you put your mind to it?  Dhruv Global School offers opportunities to explore these different possibilities in an environment that helps you along your path.  Leadership, service and growth possibilities await you here.

Through workshops, seminars, discussions and debates we explore and develop leadership potentials among students. Our School Prefect Council and House system promote leadership qualities amongst students. Year round cultural festivals, fairs and sports events are planned, organized and executed by our young buds. We teach our young boys and girls to create history by making a difference in the world.