At Play School Level

Our main focus is to develop adequate muscular co-ordination and basic motor skills, imbibe good health habits, help the child understand, accept and control feelings and emotions, to motivate group participation by providing opportunities to think and create. Children are allowed to explore and discover freely and express their interest and fascination to their new discovery.

They are exposed to the idea of Indian spirituality, friendship and sharing through our specially designed celebrations.

DGS student
DGS student

At KG Level

Our multidimensional approach enhances optimal child development and helps our children grow as intellectual, confident and healthy individuals. Our creative curriculum and specialized methods of teaching contribute to the child’s cognitive and emotional development, communication (talking and listening), knowledge and understanding of the world, creative and aesthetic development, physical development, mathematical awareness and development.

Teaching methods at this level are very interactive which initiate life-long learning. We help them differentiate between positive and negative behaviors. Our children are rewarded for their good choices and code of conducts which boosts their confidence.

At Primary Level

We emphasize on reading, writing and arithmetic skills. Exploration and discovery is the method of our teachers to help students learn conceptually. Students are given ample opportunity to work together, discuss possible solutions, and speculate about theories.

They are encouraged to look at many possible ways to solve a problem instead of finding one “correct” answer. They make observations, ask questions and share their ideas. The outcome is depper learning, new ideas and curiosity satisfaction.

DGS student
DGS student

At Middle, Secondary, Higher Level

At this stage, we emphasize on self directed learning. From the Middle School, the curriculum takes on a broader facet. It focuses on a subject-based curriculum along with meaningful and rich assignments for accentuating learning experience. Early in preparation and far-reaching in vision, at this stage, Dhruv Global School insists on research orientation by developing writing and oral skills. Students work independently and also in groups. Learning is based on their questions and along their progression of discovering knowledge which Dewey termed as “active learning.” The purpose and function of this learner-centered approach is to apply knowledge and skills to deal with problems. This approach by Dhruv makes the whole difference.

The teaching ideology at all levels at Dhruv, is based on the theory of multiple intelligences with the belief, that given a chance, each child can achieve his/her goals in the area of his/her interest and aptitude. Dhruv Global School is thus committed to provide children with choices, guidance, encouragement and the finest learning experience.