Uniform Policy


“High uniform standards are indicative of the high standards we have at school. Our uniform is a part of our school identity, uniting our students and we hope they take pride in wearing it”~ Bryn Thomas

Please note the following instructions regarding the school dress code :

For Girls:

  • Black cotton/hosiery hairband is mandatory. Hair longer than the earlobe must be tied back with the hairband.
  • Girls with hair till their collars should tie two ponytails using black scrunchies, while hair longer than the collar should be neatly braided in two braids and tied with black scrunchies.
  • No bindis, long dangling earrings, prominent nose pins, nail polish, or finger rings are permitted. Small studs or very small rings are allowed.
  • School socks must be pulled up properly.
  • Mandatory school shoes.
For Boys:
  • Boys should have military or crew cuts, and the hair must not fall over the forehead or the eyes.
  • Different types of haircuts with designs or colours on any part of the head are strictly prohibited.
  • Earrings, kadas of any sort will not be allowed.
  • No jewellery or visible talismans are permitted.
  • School socks must be pulled up properly.
  • Mandatory school shoes.

What to wear when

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Formal School Uniform and School shoes
  • Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – House T-shirt / Sports/ Activity specific uniforms with school shoes.

Please note that students who are not in proper school uniform will be sent to the administrative office, and parents will be called to take them back home.

We would like to emphasize that discipline teaches accountability and responsibility in students, and provides an orderly, productive, and safe environment for them to learn and develop into responsible and law-abiding adults. We appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that your child follows the school dress code.

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