Although the school does not advise the use of private commercial transport some parents have voluntarily opted to allow their ward to commute to and from the school premises in private commercial vehicles/ autos/cabs.

This policy outlines the rules applicable to the use of such commercial vehicles

  1. Parents are opting for these services at their own risk and not at the risk of the school.
  2.  The school shall not be liable or responsible for any accident or personal injury sustained or suffered or any consequences thereof by the child/children or for any loss to the
    child’s personal belonging, however caused, to the child/children on the way to and from the school now or in future.
  3. The safety, security and well-being of the children ward/s will be the parent’s sole responsibility.
  4. The said vehicles will not be allowed to enter the school premises and will have to disembark the students in a way and place that does not disrupt the regular school
  5. No special parking arrangements elsewhere, will be made by the school for the said vehicles.

Policy Statement:
The school transport service is available for daily commuting and is mandatory for all school-sponsored events, field trips, and extracurricular activities. Parents who have
opted for the school bus service have an all-inclusive transportation fee. However, parents who have chosen private transportation for daily commuting will be required to
pay an additional fee when their child uses the school bus for events and field trips.

As a word of caution and in the best interest of your ward, parents opting for private commercial transport are advised to check the following.

  • Insurance of the vehicle is up to date. 
  • Vehicle is RTO compliant to ferry students to and from school.
  • Background check and Police verification of the staff plying the vehicle.
  • Cameras installed in the vehicle and working.
  • Vehicle tracking system.
  • Presence of a Lady attendant.
  • Safety measures like window grills, door bolts, alarms.
  • Colour code of the vehicle as per rules (Yellow with brown stripes).

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