Admission Process


At DHRUV Global School we have strived to make our admission process as simple as possible to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress free application experience. Please refer to the admission procedure given below for the academic year 2024-25.

Seats are currently available for only *Nursery, Grade I and Grade VI onwards. Admissions to Nursery and Grade I by the lottery process, as per the admission protocol. * (Nursery is the 1st  entry level with Grade I being the 2nd  entry level to the school with additional intake)

Admission Procedure: Please follow the steps below to register your ward with the school for all grades:

Step 1: Click the link given below to start the registration process.
 Registration form link:

Step 2: Parents will not be able to proceed beyond the registration for grades which do not have vacancies available (Jr.KG, Sr.KG, II,  III, IV & V). The school will get in touch with you in case of probable cancellation.

  • For grades which have vacancies, you will be directed to proceed further.

Step 3: Steps to successfully fill up and submit the admission form will be visible online once you    initiate the process.( A link to access the admission form will be sent to the mail id which has been entered at the time of registration)

Step 4: The admission form will have to be filled online and completed with the required    attachments.

Validity of the link to the admission form is 7 days from generation. This cannot be extended and if the link expires it will have to be generated afresh including the charges applicable. Steps 1 to 5 will have to be redone.

Step 5: The school will get in touch with you for the further process after you have successfully submitted the admission form.

Registering and/or submitting the Admission Form does not guarantee admission. Admission will only be confirmed upon the receipt of complete documentation, payment of administrative charges, and the school’s issuance of an email indicating the admission status.

Readiness Survey and or child observation

  • Students seeking admission to DHRUV will have to be present for an observation/ interaction with the school counsellor as well as for a survey to gauge their readiness for the grade in which admission is sought.
  • The time and date for observation/Readiness Survey and Admission Counselling will be intimated after successful submission of the admission form online.
  • On the day the parents and the child visit the school they will need to bring all original documents uploaded with the admission form and a set of self-attested photocopies for verification by the school staff.
    • A form incomplete in any aspect will NOT be considered for processing.

Fees for session 2024-25

Campus Exploration

  • Campus exploration is conducted ONLY on working Saturdays* at 12.00 pm. Parents are requested to reach 5/10 minutes prior the time slot given for the school tour. Please get in touch with the school before your visit.
    (*School is closed on 2nd Saturdays and other gazetted holidays)


  • Please check the website at  and/or approach the Transport Department for the routes and the availability of the transport services at your location.
  • Transport is provided at nodal points ONLY. Doorstep pick up and drop is not provided.
  • Proceed to pay the administrative charges ONLYif you are comfortable with the pick-up and drop locations for your ward.
  • There will be no deviation from the pick-up and drop points given on the website.

Admission Confirmation

  • An admission granted /regret mail will be sent to the registered email ID post the lottery process for grades Nursery and I ( lottery process is conducted in the first week of December) and of the readiness survey/observation and document verification for grades where vacancies are available..
  • Parents whose children have been granted admission will receive a fresh link sent to the email addresses they have provided during registration.
  • This link is intended for confirming the seat by paying the administrative charges. Please note that this link will remain active for a duration of only 3 days from the time the email is sent.
  • If this period lapses, the seat will be made available to the next registered student. Alternatively, parents may choose to visit the school office and make the payment using a debit or credit card within the designated timeframe.
  • The admission will be confirmed ONLY once the payment has been credited and the parent receives a final mail to confirming their ward’s admission to the school.
  • Thereafter, the email IDs mentioned in the admission form will be included in the school ERP for all further notifications.

Admission Confirmation

Age Criteria for admission is as per the table given below.

GRADE I6+30-September-2018
GRADE II7+30-September-2017

Parents are requested to self-check their ward’s eligibility. The school staff will not be responsible in case of the child’s age not being appropriate as per the grade.

List of mandatory documents: (to be uploaded and submitted as self-attested hard copies)

  1. Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  2. One latest passport size photographs of the child.
  3. One latest passport size photograph of each parent.
  4. Medical form (attached with the admission form) to be downloaded, printed, filled and duly signed and stamped by a registered medical practitioner.
  5. Aadhar card copies of the child and parent (mandatory) at the time of admission.
  6. Report card copies of the previous three years or as applicable for Grade II and above. 
  7. Caste certificate (if applicable) of the child,  failing which the caste will be categorized as “General” till such a time as the caste certificate in the name of the child is  submitted.
  8. Original Leaving certificate from the previous school- For grades II and above.
  9. Original Bonafide certificate from the previous school- For grade LKG UKG and Grade I

From the list of “mandatory documents”  points  6 to 9: In case any of these documents  is not submitted at the time of admission, the submission date of the same after admission shall not exceed 3 months from the date of admission. Admission will be considered provisional till all the documents have been submitted to the school office.

It is the responsibility of the parent to submit, within the time frame given above, any pending document, failing which the admission status will be considered “Provisional”. No reminders will be sent in this regard

List of documents as applicable. ( In case of overseas admission, foreign national or matters necessitating the provision of legal documentation.

  1. Photocopy of Passport and OCI is mandatory for overseas students – or an OTP (one time passport).
  2. Photocopy of Legal documents, if applicable. E.g.- Change in name, Custody etc.
  3. In case of single parent,
  • Court papers mentioning Child’s custody or
  • Authorization letter for Legal Guardian (if applicable) apart from parents.

 For any assistance please visit the school with a prior appointment ONLY. Appointments can be confirmed with the school staff on 8308500500 or 020 – 35001600 or via mail to

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