Admission Process

Instructions for Parents Seeking Admission For Session 2022-23

DHRUV Global School offers a high quality educational experience and nurturing environment that fosters sharp learning skills. We are proud of the caliber of our staff and the fact that they let childhood remain a journey and not a race. We are even prouder of the students with whom we work every day.


At DHRUV Global School we have strived to make our admission process as simple as possible to ensure that all prospective parents enjoy a stress free application experience. Please refer to the admission procedure given below for the academic year 2022-23.

Keeping in mind the current pandemic we have, for the time being, suspended with the school discovery tours. However, we have uploaded a video which explores the school premises in detail so that you may acquaint yourself with the school infrastructure. The photo gallery will give additional insights into the life of a “DHRUVIAN”. Arrangements for a school discovery tour will be made as soon as the current situation allows it.

Parents are requested to self-check their ward’s eligibility. The school staff will not be responsible in case of the child’s age not being appropriate as per the grade.

Pre-Nursery (PG) 2+ 30-September-2020
Nursery 3+ 30-September-2019
LKG 4+ 30-September-2018
UKG 5+ 30-September-2017
GRADE I 6+ 30-September-2016
GRADE II 7+ 30-September-2015

Admission Procedure

Step 1: Parents to fill in the online enquiry Form .(Admissions for Grades  UKG, I, II and III are currently not available) However you are welcome to apply on , anticipating future vacancies.

Step 2: Parents will need to come to school with a prior appointment between Monday to Friday  9.30am to 12.30 pm to collect the school brochure along with the admission form, with prior appointment only, and register their ward’s name with the school. Registration does not mean admission and admission will only be confirmed on seat availability, receipt of the administrative fees and complete documentation. (Validity of the application form is 7 working days from the date of issue)

Step 3: Children for the primary grades and above will have to appear for a Grade Level Readiness Survey  at pre specified dates .

Readiness survey for grades VI to IX will be conducted every Saturday between  10 am and 12.30 pm  Please call 8308 500 500 or 7083 500 500 to book your space or drop a mail to

Step 4: Upon completion of the steps above, and after you receive communication from the school, you will be invited to complete the admission process by submitting the hard copy of the admission form, duly and completely filled. The relevant documents given below will have to be submitted to the school. The administrative charges will have to be deposited in school via debit/ credit card to complete the process. A form incomplete in any aspect will NOT be considered for processing.

List mandatory documents: (Self Attested)

  1. Copy of the child’s birth certificate
  2. 3 latest passport size photographs of the child- Labelled with the child’s name and grade in which admission is sought, on the reverse
  3. 2 latest passport size photographs of each parent- Labelled with the child’s name and grade in which admission is sought, on the reverse.
  4. Medical form (pgs.5 and 6 of the admission form) to be filled, signed and stamped by a registered medical practitioner.
  5. Report card copies of the previous three years or as applicable for Grade II and above.
  6. Aadhar card copies of the child and parent.
  7. Caste certificate (if applicable) of the child,  failing which the caste will be categorized as “General” till such a time as the caste certificate in the name of the child is  submitted.
  8. Original Leaving certificate from the previous school- For grades II and above.
  9. Original Bonafide certificate from the previous school- For grade LKG UKG and Grade I

From the list of “Mandatory Documents”  points 4 to 9: In case any of these documents  is not submitted at the time of admission, the submission date after admission shall not exceed 3 months from the date of admission. Admission will be considered provisional till all the documents have been submitted to the school office.

It is the responsibility of the parent to submit, within the time frame given above, any pending document, failing which the admission status will be considered “Provisional”. No reminders will be sent in this regard. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure all documents are submitted in a timely manner as mentioned above.

List of documents as applicable:

  1. The sign of the Education Officer is mandatory on the Leaving certificate in case of change of Board. e.g in case the board is being changed from State Board to CBSE or from an ICSE board to CBSE.
  2. Photocopy of Passport and OCI is mandatory for overseas students – or an OTP (one time passport).
  3. Photocopy of Legal documents, if applicable. E.g.- Change in name, Custody etc.

Once the above steps are satisfactorily completed parents will receive an admission offer. The admission formality is to be completed within 3 working days, failing which the seat will be given to the next candidate.

Step 5: Formalities of confirming the admission  will be scheduled for Monday to Friday between 10.30 am to 2.00 pm
Admission will only be confirmed on receipt of the administrative Fees and completion of the  documentation.
Please visit the school with a prior appointment ONLY. Appointments can be confirmed with the school staff on 8308 500 500 or 7083 500 500.

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