Transport Policy

Transport facility can be availed only on acceptance of the school transport policy as given below:

  • Admission to DHRUV Global School does not ensure a seat on any particular bus. If a bus is full, or does not cover the required area, parents will have to make their own arrangements.
  • Private Transport: Students are not allowed to come to school in private vans/ rickshaws. Only parents/ guardians are allowed to pick up in case school transport is not availed. There is to be no deviation from this.
  • To avail of the transport facilities/ school bus parents are requested to fill up the form available with the Transport office.
  • Parents must confirm admission only after ensuring that they are satisfied with the school transport pick up/ drop points and travel time taken. There might not be any adjustment possible.
  • Post admission, no request for change in transport bus route or additional stops will be entertained if it does not conform with the school routes/policy and if the school system does not adequately support such a request
  • There is no provision of door todoor pick up at DHRUV. We have predefined stops that need to be adhered to.
  • The drivers are authorised to stop buses at the designated stops only. The list of stops is prepared keeping in view the convenience and safety of all bus commuters and is always subject to change.
  • Escort card has to be produced whenever asked for. The child will otherwise not be handed over and will be brought back to school from where parents will be
    required to pick up the child.
  • It is mandatory to be present on the designated stop 5 minutes in advance. The bus will not wait for those who are not present. Calling up the bus driver for
    additional time will not be entertained.
  • Parents should not try to overtake and stop the School bus to facilitate the boarding of their wards as this endangers the safety of the bus and its occupants. This
    act will lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Students are allowed to use only the allotted bus and bus stop. No change can be allowed without prior written permission of the school.
  • If a student misses his allotted bus he should not try to board any other bus. It is the responsibility of the parents to drop off their wards to the school. However,
    the student will return by the allotted bus.
  • Change of the School bus: Parents must inform the office about the change of their address/bus route by filling up the prescribed form. The change must be
    endorsed on the Identity Card. No change will be effective unless sanctioned by the Transport office. Change in residence address and the route, if required, will take a minimum of 3 working days to be effective. Parents to make their own arrangements till then. Also in the event of route change the transport fee of the concerned month will be paid as per the distance that is furthest.
  • For discontinuation of the school bus: The school office will need to be informed by filling up the prescribed form. New route must be endorsed on the Identity
    Card. Bus fee will be charged till the office is informed and all the formalities are completed and as per the school policy.
  • In case of discontinuation of school transport the current terms/ quarters fee should be paid in full.
  • The Bus fees have to be paid according to the fees schedule printed in the fee structure or as informed by the school.
  • School reserves the right to change/discontinue the transport service in case of non-payment of dues and/or any other issue that hampers the safety of any student
    of DHRUV.
  • The school will not be held responsible for any lapse in services. In case of any discrepancy, parents may meet the Transport-in-charge.
  • In the event of admission/ transport cancellation the fees for that quarter will not be refunded if the transport services have been availed even for a single day.
  • Transport Fees are subject to revision every year.
  •  For one way transport 75% of the yearly charges will have to be paid.
  •  For a different pick up and a drop location, fees for the distance that is further will be applicable.



  1. Parents are requested not to board school buses to see off or receive their wards.
  2.  Parents should not argue with the teachers present in the bus or the conductor / driver. If there is any problem, a written communication should be forwarded to the Administrative office.
  3.  Boarding and alighting from buses should be done in silence and in an orderly manner.
  4.  All students must occupy vacant seats immediately after boarding their respective buses. Reservation of seats for co-commuters are not allowed under any circumstances.
  5. No student should travel standing on the footboard or in the aisle.
  6.  Students must not move around in the bus when it is in motion.
  7.  The students must make sure that the aisle of the bus is clear, school bags and other belongings are placed properly.
  8.  Students must not put any part of their body outside the bus. They should not put their hands out even for waving. Parents must educate their ward about the consequences of such an action.
  9.  No object should be discarded inside or thrown outside the bus.
  10.  Consumption of edibles is not permitted in the buses. It can lead to choking.
  11.  Unruly behaviour like whistling, shouting, shrieking, shouting and playing foul is strictly prohibited. Courteous behaviour is expected at all times. Any unruly behaviour will not be tolerated and can lead to suspension from transport either temporarily or permanently.
  12.  If any student is reported to be throwing objects outside from the school bus, strict disciplinary action will be taken against him/her.
  13.  Parents are informed that they should not pass any message/documents/money through the driver or the attendant. The bus staff is advised against this and the bus-staff is not the spokesperson of the school.
  14.  Bus services will be discontinued without further notice for children who do not follow bus rules, damage accessories in the bus, offend passers – by with their actions or words.
  15.  Students must be counselled to respect the bus staff, however any untoward action or verbal communication to any child must be brought to the notice of the Administrator of the school.

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