Guidelines for Parent Pick Up and Drop

Guidelines for Parent Pick Up and Drop – Self commute or Private transport

Keeping the safety of the learners in mind and to ease out the congestion in the morning at 8.10 am and during dispersal at 12.30 pm and 3.30 pm, please make a note of the following guidelines:

  1. School gates close at 8.10 sharp. Please drop your wards before 8.10 am. Only children carrying their almanacs will be allowed entry till 8.15 am with a late mark entered in their almanacs. Rest all will be sent back.
  2. A maximum of 2 late marks in a month will be considered. There will be absolutely no deviation from this. Plan your travel time keeping in mind the frequent congestion on the road near Sunny’s World and outside the school.
  3. Only school buses have been given the leeway, if at all they arrive late. This however, cannot be used as an excuse to allow late entry to self-commuting children. The School buses travel long distances and ferry approximately 35 or more learners.
  4. Preprimary parents to drop their children at the preprimary block and exit the school premises before 8.10 am. Please do not forms groups and talk in the school premises.
  5. Pick your child and leave the premises immediately between 12.30 pm and 12.45 pm for Preprimary learners and 3.45 pm and 4.00 pm for grades I and above..
  6. Do not form groups and talk outside the school gate, it impedes traffic.
  7. Give way when the gates open for the school buses.
  8. DO NOT park your vehicles in the area outside the school gates.
  9. Strictly NO parking in the area reserved for staff members.
  10. No double parking at any time, even if the driver is sitting in the car – this leaves little place for traffic flow.
  11. Please park your vehicles in a considerate manner in the parking area. Haphazard parking takes extra space, inconveniences other parents and causes road block. Remember we have a hospital in the vicinity.
  12. We have staff deputed to ease the parking issues. Please maintain decorum when talking with them. Interaction with them should be with a respectful attitude and in the right spirit. They are only following orders.
  13. Honking is strictly prohibited.
  14. Our security staff/ school personal will be monitoring daily dispersal. Please cooperate with them and do not get into any argument.

Remember, these guidelines are meant for you and your child’s safety and cannot be a one-sided effort. While we are reiterating student conduct all the time, we expect the same from adults.

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