Our Vision

dr. sanjay malpani sir

At Dhruv Global School, we aim to facilitate every childs journey of becoming creator with an understanding to positively impact themselves, and the world
around them. We equip children on two fronts that we believe are essential to their development, self-realization and understanding .

We believe that self-realization provides children with a strong foundation to survive, grow and develop in the rapidly changing world that we are a part of today Paired with understanding’. Dhruv students will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to build a great structure on that foundation

The greatest empowerment is to connect a child with his or her ‘innerself. This gives the child access to infinite resources that are already present within. Being able to understand and access those resourcos makes the child acrootor of ideas rather than a consumer The modern world is currently experiencing change and disruption in every aspect from family to technology. This change of pace will grow faster in the future, leading to a change in the demand for skills and resources. At Dhruv Global School we focus on facilitating children with knowledge and understanding of every domain possible from modern technology and science, to culture and history. We believe that once children learn to grasp knowledge on their own, nothing can stop them from acquiring the skills required to impact the ever-changing environment and world around them.

Malpani Group logo

For the better part of a century, the Malpani Group has been known for the finest of business and social practices, along with o commitment to quality.
Spearheaded by young, highly qualified and multidisciplinary professionals, the Group has been successfully blonding traditional skills with modern
technology .

Today, it is a powerful enterprise spread over 8 stotos of the country, involved in processing agricultural products, manufacturing andmarketing FMCG products, entertainment and power generation. The group is also active in construction and hospitality

Socially.Malpani Group has always been conscious of its desire to contribute to the well-being and uplifting of community through initiatives involving health care and education.

Paramount to the Group’s ongoing success has been its firm belief in adhering to ethical business practices and keeping the general wellbeing and growth
of society in mind.

Dhruv Global School – Sangamner, was established by Malpani Fountation in 2005 as its social responsibility and it’s branch at Pune underlines its commitment towards the group’s avowed policy of sharing the fruits of its success with society.