Dhruv Global School: Introducing Preschool

Introducing Dhruv Preschool

At Dhruv Global School (DGS), we are all about getting kids excited about learning, not just filling their heads with facts. This also goes for our new preschool school in Pune, where we have ensured it’s the perfect place for curious little ones aged 3 to 5 to grow.

Our approach at DGS Preschool puts a lot of importance on kids playing while they learn. From building block castles that turn into mediaeval forts to getting creative with paints and crayons, children have a great time while also getting better at solving problems and interacting with others.

We care for everything important for a child’s growth – their social skills, emotions, and physical well-being. Our program is all about sparking kids’ curiosity and making them love exploring and learning. Plus, we are big on teaching kids how to work together and talk effectively with their friends. We also make sure there are plenty of fun physical activities, setting the stage for healthy growth.

Our amazing preschool teachers are at the heart of our program. They make sure to create a warm and friendly place where kids feel like they can ask questions, explore, and learn from their experiences. You can visit us to see how much they love teaching little ones, making sure each child gets a positive and personalised learning experience that suits them and how they like to learn.

When you step into a DGS Preschool classroom, it’s like walking into a wonderland. Our spaces are bright, cheerful, and full of things to spark kids’ curiosity and imagination. We have got furniture that’s just right for their age, making sure they’re comfy and safe. There are special play areas where kids can be themselves, work together, and learn by doing.

At Dhruv Global School, your child’s safety and happiness are our biggest concerns. We’ve got top-notch facilities with all the latest security measures, and our dedicated staff are all about making sure every child feels safe and has the chance to shine.

Picking Dhruv Global School Preschool is like giving your child the best start for the future. Our program gives kids the skills and knowledge they need to do great in kindergarten and beyond. We are all about making your child become a confident and well-rounded person, full of curiosity and excited about exploring and discovering new things.

Dhruv Global School Preschool is all about building a tight-knit community where parents, teachers, and kids all work together to help each child grow. We make sure to keep you in the loop about how your child’s doing with regular meetings between parents and teachers, and we have got fun events and workshops that bring everyone together for learning.

Dhruv Global School Preschool gives kids a special and cool learning experience. We want you to come and check out our amazing campus, meet our teachers, and see for yourself all the exciting things waiting for your child. At Dhruv Global School, we think every child is a curious learner, and our Preschool program is all about helping them grow and become lifelong learners.

At Dhruv Global School, we see each child as a person, with their talents, way of learning, and personality. Our program is all about making sure kids feel like they can explore what they love, ask questions, and find their passions. As they start on this amazing learning adventure, we’re here to help them, back them, and celebrate every win they have.

Come join us at Dhruv Global School Preschool and watch the magic of learning happen. Let your child start a journey of exploring, finding out new things, and showing who they are. Together, we can make their curiosity grow and help them become confident, smart, and always learning.

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