Understanding Individual Learning Abilities

We humans, because of our cognitive potential, have tremendously changed the planet over the centuries. We have invented technical devices, institutions that regulate cooperation and competition, and symbol systems, such as script and mathematics, that serve as reasoning tools …

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Handheld device

The Flipside Of Handheld Devices And Video Games

Children today are savvy with handheld devices like smart phones and tablets. They are user friendly enough for even a child less than five years of age to get self-taught.The internet is an entire universe of knowledge for children. Although an effective tool to dispense information …

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Technology And Education

Educational aids have evolved over the times. They are important accessories in administering education. Not all learners have identical cognitive structures. These differ from individual to individual. In some it is numerical while in others it is pictographic. Nevertheless, when any phenomenon …

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Lessons From Covid

It’s the new normal. It has changed our lives beyond comprehension and there’s no end in sight. It has greatly affected school education worldwide and has thrown open new challenges in administering primary school as well as secondary school education in the current situation …

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